Mstin Walpurga Kleinsasser, BEd

 After elementary school, I attended the regional technical school for ceramics and kiln construction in Stoob/ Bgld. and graduated in 1992.

This was followed by 3 years of master classes at the HTBLA Ortweingasse Graz and the Entrepreneur Academy at the WIFI Graz.

Finally I passed the master examination for ceramics on 16.10.1996.

  • Since 1997 I am a self-employed master ceramist with my own workshop.
  • My craft spectrum includes ceramic and porcelain pottery, mold making, tiles and tiles, custom designs and small series, as well as my own glaze development with a focus on “ash glazes” and manufacturing.
  • I pot each piece individually on the potter’s wheel and thus each piece is unique.
  • All of my dinnerware is glazed with self-developed food-safe glazes.
  • Right now I have privet and laburnum ash included in my offsets.
  • All of my work is dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • I fire my porcelain and stoneware work at 1280 – 1300°C in electric and gas kilns.
  • Idea, design, planning and execution are mine.

Since September 2013 I teach as a vocational school teacher the subjects of ceramics and tiling in the Landesberufsschule LBS Graz 4.
2017- 2020 I have completed the bachelor’s program teaching secondary vocational education, subject area dual vocational education, as well as technology and trade, specialized theory, wood, glass, clay at the Pedagogical University of Styria and successfully completed at the end of August 2020 with BEd.